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Santa Maria Car Wash Saturday Crew
This is a charity group working for the
Women's and Men's Christian Recovery  Home
Let's support them Saturday's at Bradley and Cambria
at Winepress Church Parking lot. 


Our friendly wave for your car wash business..

Our Crew waiting for your car as this one is done.

We scrub, we rub,

We Rinse

and then sometimes we need to rest - God Bless All
who work and those who come to have the cars washed.

We are a group that work for the
Men's and Women's Christian Recovery Home
213 S Oakley Ave., Santa Maria, CA 93458 (805-922-1328)

  If you or someone you know is struggling with
life controlling habits, Victory Outreach can help!
Call 805-922-1328
Our thanks to all who work to make this happen.

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