Asahi Stand Fan 16" DC Series DC6072Asahi Stand Fan 16" DC Series DC6072
Asahi Microwave Oven  20L MW-2001Asahi Microwave Oven  20L MW-2001
Asahi WD-103 Hot & Cold Water DispenserAsahi WD-103 Hot & Cold Water Dispenser
Asahi Wood Desk Fan 16in. XF6004 -  White
Asahi Wood Stand Fan 16in. XF6081 -  WhiteAsahi Wood Stand Fan 16in. XF6081 -  White
Asahi EK-151 Multi-Cooker Electric KettleAsahi EK-151 Multi-Cooker Electric Kettle
Asahi Cast Iron Stove C-30Asahi Cast Iron Stove C-30
Asahi EK-172 Electric Cordless 1.7L KettleAsahi EK-172 Electric Cordless 1.7L Kettle
Asahi 30in. Industrial Floor Fan PF3001Asahi 30in. Industrial Floor Fan PF3001
Asahi Wood Desk Fan 16in. XF6004 -  BlackAsahi Wood Desk Fan 16in. XF6004 -  Black
Asahi 18in. Stand Fan PF830Asahi 18in. Stand Fan PF830
Asahi Floor Fan 16" Baby-Safe Grill BG-620Asahi Floor Fan 16" Baby-Safe Grill BG-620
Asahi Double Head Stand Fan 16in. & 12in.Asahi Double Head Stand Fan 16in. & 12in.
Asahi WF-841 Wall Fan 18in.Asahi WF-841 Wall Fan 18in.
Asahi 16in. Stand Fan SF-6016Asahi 16in. Stand Fan SF-6016
Asahi 1.0L Jar Rice Cooker RC-53
Asahi 1.5L Rice Cooker All Stainless RC-84

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Top Quality Home Appliances with Asahi

Sprucing up your home does not only add aesthetic value, but it can also impact your mood and overall well-being. When you’re living amidst the bustling city life, creating a comfortable oasis to retreat to at the end of the day becomes more important.

Aside from DIY projects and home improvements, a better and easy way to put some love and comfort back into your home is with Asahi appliances.

Established in 1982, Asahi introduced to the market an affordable and durable electric fan, the Spiro Aire, that would eventually expand to other home appliances. With innovation and quality, the brand continues to be a well-loved household name in countless Filipino homes.

If you’re looking for affordable and excellent appliances to elevate comfort in your living space, Asahi is the best choice. Start creating a home that you and your family can fall in love with.

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