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Guitar Kids Boys' Plain Sando White Guitar Kids Boys' Plain Sando White 
Guitar Boys Kids' Plain Sando White Guitar Boys Kids' Plain Sando White 
Guitar Boys' Plain Sando In White Guitar Boys' Plain Sando In White 
Guitar Boys' Plain Sando White Guitar Boys' Plain Sando White 
Guitar Boys' Plain Sando White Guitar Boys' Plain Sando White 

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Quality Shirts for Young Boys at ShopSM

A boy can never have too many shirts, especially when it's always so hot here in the Philippines. Add the fact that boys are always so playful, and shirts just become a necessity. The tricky part about buying kids’ apparel is moving from store to store worrying about prices and quality.

But what if you could have both?

Your kids deserve the best, and ShopSM is the place to go when it comes to affordability and quality. ShopSM works as an online store that houses a wide selection of clothing brands in the Philippines like Hanford, Grizzly, and even Disney.

ShopSM has the best finds with different designs and styles that would excite customers and children alike. Feel free to browse our collection.

If you’re up for mixing a bit of Philippine culture with a famous icon, the Mickey Manila Printed Shirt should suit you.

If you’re into something plainer, the Hanford Premium Round Neck Tee should be a safe bet for your peso.

Look no further than ShopSM for all your kid’s apparel needs. ShopSM has been a trusted Philippine-based provider and is only getting better! Convenience, variety, and trust—all found at ShopSM through your online shopping experience.