Aprica Colan CTS Baby Carrier - Gray

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Babywearing not only keeps your little one snug and close to you, but it also builds a stronger bond between baby and mom.

  • Change way of carrying according to baby's age and body build

  • 4 ways of baby wearing: front-facing, forward-facing, side carrying/lying flat, piggy back carrying

  • Lying flat hug: avoids disturbance on abdominal breathing and effectively prevents oxygen desaturation

  • Promotes comfortable posture for baby even for prolonged period of time

  • Dual protecting harness

  • Wide snug-fit waist belt

  • Waist belt designed to fit body and does not tire you out easily when you are carrying baby

  • Air Breeze Mesh -keeps baby's back cool and refreshed even under heat

  • Night Curtain -keeps strong wind and sunlight affect your baby

  • When baby's neck is stable, change sling to a belt-type to reduce weight on shoulders

  • Put on the carrier in 3 simple steps: put on waist belt, strap on the shoulder belt, and secure buckle at the back

  • Equipped with Carry Travel System -lets you switch from carrier to stroller by installing it onto the stroller

  • Usage period: newborn to 15 kg
  • Max weight: 15 kg
  • SKU: NCP-10054935

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