Barbie Gymnastics Coach Doll and PlaysetBarbie Gymnastics Coach Doll and Playset
Barbie Pool Party Doll Playset for KidsBarbie Pool Party Doll Playset for Kids
Barbie Vanity Table and Stool Set for GirlsBarbie Vanity Table and Stool Set for Girls
Barbie Chelsea School Playset Toy for GirlsBarbie Chelsea School Playset Toy for Girls
Barbie Dreamtopia Color Change Mermaid DollBarbie Dreamtopia Color Change Mermaid Doll
Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Dress-Up Doll SetBarbie Dreamtopia Chelsea Dress-Up Doll Set
Barbie Off-Road Vehicle with Rolling WheelsBarbie Off-Road Vehicle with Rolling Wheels
Barbie Malibu House Playset for GirlsBarbie Malibu House Playset for Girls


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A Kid’s Life with Barbie

For many years, little girls have been loving Barbie, making her an icon and turning her easily into a role model. Debuting in 1959, the famous plastic doll was introduced by Mattel, Inc.

Despite the many controversies surrounding the unrealistic body proportions of Barbie doll sets, the brand took these insights to make their product better. Slowly but surely, the brand became more inclusive and sensitive to possible perceptions it may give little girls.

Today, Mattel, Inc. dedicates its time to ensure girls have Barbie dolls they can relate to. From skin color to body shapes and hairstyles, professions, and even ethnicity, the famous doll has now adapted to various looks to represent a better and more genuine role model.

Parents now can worry less when it comes to Barbie. They can finally allow their little girls to be creative and to dream loud and big, with any Barbie doll set they choose. Apart from toys, Barbie also offers clothing wear that all girls will love.

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