BioFresh Footspray 50ml � CitrusBioFresh Footspray 50ml � Citrus
BioFresh Athletes Foot Spray 100mlBioFresh Athletes Foot Spray 100ml
Biofresh Flexgel Bunion Protector 1 PairBiofresh Flexgel Bunion Protector 1 Pair
BioFresh Kids� Dog Face Mask � TurquoiseBioFresh Kids� Dog Face Mask � Turquoise
BioFresh Kids� Dinosaur Face Mask � WhiteBioFresh Kids� Dinosaur Face Mask � White
BioFresh Casual SocksBioFresh Casual Socks


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Biofresh: Stay Fresh, Feel Fresh!

You can enjoy life to the fullest when you’re clean and healthy. Biofresh keeps you fresh all day with its anti-microbial products that are guaranteed to fend off harmful bacteria and microbes.

Biofresh Philippines takes hygiene seriously. With their tested and proven Fiberfresh or anti-microbial technology, every product—from socks to underwear— is enhanced to kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria, microbes, and viruses.

It’s high time to swap your ordinary underwear and socks for anti-microbial options. Why? As much as you are mindful of your health, you should also take extra care of your hygiene.

Some people, unfortunately, do not see the advantages of personal hygiene. If you’re reading this, here are a few reasons that will surely convince you to make that trade-off from ordinary undergarments to anti-microbial.

They’re better for your health. Your private area and feet are prone to microbial growth, which are the ultimate culprits for foul smells in those areas. If left untreated, they can worsen and lead to infections.

They can boost your confidence. Having body odor can seriously affect one’s self-esteem. Consistently keeping up with good hygiene practices and switching to antimicrobial underwear can help with eliminating or reducing body odor.

Taking good care of yourself will naturally positively impact how you see yourself and interact with others. Start improving your personal hygiene practices today with the help of Biofresh. Shop now!