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Bloom Baby & Me Memory Foam Neck 2PC Pillow in Light PinkBloom Baby & Me Memory Foam Neck 2PC Pillow in Light Pink
Bloom Baby Head Shaping Pillow RobotsBloom Baby Head Shaping Pillow Robots
Bloom Umbrella Mosquito NetBloom Umbrella Mosquito Net
Bloom Nursing Pillow (Cream)Bloom Nursing Pillow (Cream)
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Bloom 3-Pack Bandana Drool Bib Set - Stars, Cats, and BeesBloom 3-Pack Bandana Drool Bib Set - Stars, Cats, and Bees
Bloom Nursing Poncho � AztecBloom Nursing Poncho � Aztec
Bloom Cozy Bolster Pillow 17in. - SunBloom Cozy Bolster Pillow 17in. - Sun
Save 60%
Bloom 3-Pack Bandana Drool Bib Set - Clouds and TreesBloom 3-Pack Bandana Drool Bib Set - Clouds and Trees
Bloom Printed Poncho Towel � SharkBloom Printed Poncho Towel � Shark
Bloom 2Pc Sleepsuit Bag - Pink RainbowBloom 2Pc Sleepsuit Bag - Pink Rainbow


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Bloom Products: Baby Essentials for First-Time Parents

Becoming a first-time parent is both an exciting and daunting experience. It can be challenging to know what steps to take before the baby arrives with so many things to prepare for. Why don’t you start with creating a shopping list for newborn baby essentials? ShopSM has put together a brand lineup that will cater to all your baby’s essential needs, such as the Bloom products.

Bloom offers more than your average baby brand. From bedtime to mealtime and breastfeeding essentials, they provide what you need as first-time parents. Check out these top three items you need to put down on your shopping list ASAP for your baby.

First up is Bloom’s pillow line. You can get a selection of quality and cozy pillows for your infant, such as their memory foam head pillows, latex baby pillows, and bolster pillows. To all mamas, don’t forget to grab one for yourself. The brand has a bedtime essential specially designed for pregnant mothers. Get the maternity cuddle pillow—ultra-comfy and provide excellent support—helping you sleep through the night.

The second item to include is their stylish and functional bibs with food catcher. With less time to deal with food spills and mess, you’ll have more time to bond with your baby during mealtimes.

The last thing is the hooded towels from Bloom. They come in a variety of adorable designs, so you might have a hard time choosing one. Regardless of what you pick, they are all highly absorbent, soft, and smooth—safe to use for babies!

Discover other Bloom products to buy today at ShopSM!