Cascade Umbrella Hanger Clips - WhiteCascade Umbrella Hanger Clips - White
Cascade 3-Layer Corner Rack - GrayCascade 3-Layer Corner Rack - Gray
Cascade Tri-Fold White LED MirrorCascade Tri-Fold White LED Mirror
Cascade 3-Tier Drying Rack VH81Cascade 3-Tier Drying Rack VH81
Cascade 3-Layer  Storage RackCascade 3-Layer  Storage Rack
Cascade Straight Vanity Mirror 16cmCascade Straight Vanity Mirror 16cm
Cascade Waste Bin 6.5LCascade Waste Bin 6.5L
Cascade Hoover Clear Soap DishCascade Hoover Clear Soap Dish
Cascade Round Vanity Mirror with LED LightCascade Round Vanity Mirror with LED Light
Cascade Waste Bin 10LCascade Waste Bin 10L
Cascade Hoover Clear CupCascade Hoover Clear Cup
Cascade Acrylic Soap Dish
Save 1%
Cascade Acrylic Bath TumblerCascade Acrylic Bath Tumbler

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Cascade: Making Bathroom Perfection Possible

Turn your bathroom from an ordinary space into one that exudes sleekness and sophistication. Achieve bathroom perfection with Cascade, available here at the SM Department Store and ShopSM!

Celebrating twenty years since its launch in the Philippines, Cascade has proven time and again its dedication to providing quality bathroom items for the improvement of every household. Cascade’s inventory of bathroom accessories is sure to add a classy and modern touch to your home living.

More than just style and aesthetic, Cascade also offers adequate functionality to make your bathroom more organized and convenient for your daily routine. From toiletry containers, hangers, racks, dispensers, mats, and so much more, no longer do you have to worry about a messy and disorganized bathroom. Cascade helps you keep everything in place to avoid clutter and accidents.

With Cascade’s bathroom accessories at your disposal, the design possibilities are endless. Unleash the decorator in you and choose the products that will best complement your bathroom’s look as well as your personal needs. Nothing is too extravagant or too simple; the best design for your bathroom is one that speaks to you and your standards.

Don’t miss out on bathroom perfection with Cascade! Shop now at the nearest SM Department Store, or go online at ShopSM to get started.