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Denim All the Way with Code Blue

Look effortlessly cool in casuals with the help of Code Blue. Nothing shouts laid-back louder than denim. When it comes to casual fashion, it has been the fail-safe option for many decades.

The humble roots of denim can be traced back to the 18th century. Physical laborers preferred this fashion staple due to its durability. It is highly resistant to wear and tear from doing hard manual work.

From then on, the denim fabric went through countless innovations—from various cuts and designs of the ever-popular denim jeans, jackets, and button-down shirts. Its fame is undeniable. Every closet in the world has denim in it. This is a fashion piece one cannot do without.

With this in mind, Code Blue sets out to make denim accessible to Filipinos. Great quality paired with affordability makes the brand distinct from other labels in the market. In true casual fashion, they focus on straightforward designs for that ultimate chill and comfy look.

Mix and match your daily outfit with denim. It is versatile and goes great with every kind of shirt or formal top. You’ll never go wrong with it. Step up your style game today, and make sure you do it with Code Blue.

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