Crossett Oven Toaster 11L CTOT-11LGRCrossett Oven Toaster 11L CTOT-11LGR
Save 20%
Crossett Mini Hot Pot Cooker 2L CJMHP-GB80Crossett Mini Hot Pot Cooker 2L CJMHP-GB80
Crossett 4-in-1 Air Fryer Oven 20lCrossett 4-in-1 Air Fryer Oven 20l
Save 33%
Crossett Bread Maker CMBM-8101WCrossett Bread Maker CMBM-8101W
Save 20%
Crossett 12-in-1 Digital Multi Cooker CNMC-4CWHCrossett 12-in-1 Digital Multi Cooker CNMC-4CWH
Save 10%
Crossett Coffee Maker 1.2L CFCM252BTCrossett Coffee Maker 1.2L CFCM252BT


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Crossett: Sleek Kitchen Appliances for the Modern Home

Do you find your kitchen too bland, even uninspiring? This calls for the help of Crossett! — the SM department store’s house brand for your kitchen appliance needs.

With their sleek and minimalist design, the Crossett appliances are the perfect additions to your kitchen’s countertop space to make it look chic and expensive at a budget-friendly price. Here are some of the brand’s must-haves!

Their bread maker is for the budding home baker. It’s easy to use and offers 19 different baking programs to achieve the ultimate bread loaf. Imagine biting into a soft, fluffy, and glossy golden brown slice. That’s perfection only achieved with Crossett!

Don’t forget to add their toaster into the mix to enjoy evenly toasted bread in the mornings or any time of the day. You can also use this product for baking and reheating your meals.

Another cooking essential you should buy is Crossett’s 12-in-1 digital multi-cooker. Cooking and meal preps are made easy. You’ll feel like a professional in the kitchen.

There’s no time to waste! Find all these tremendous electric kitchen appliances and more at ShopSM! They will not only improve the feel and look of your kitchen, but they can make your mealtimes at home more enjoyable with delectable dishes.