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Corelle 2-Piece Serving Bowl Set 1L – Winter Frost WhiteCorelle 2-Piece Serving Bowl Set 1L – Winter Frost White
SM Home Square Pan Plate 9in.SM Home Square Pan Plate 9in.
Marie Spoon 4-Pack
SM Home Rice Plate 8in.SM Home Rice Plate 8in.
SM Home Rice Plate 7in.SM Home Rice Plate 7in.
Save 10%
Corelle Serving Bowl 2L – Winter Frost WhiteCorelle Serving Bowl 2L – Winter Frost White
SM Home Rice Plate 5.5in.SM Home Rice Plate 5.5in.
SM Home Rectangle Bake Plate 10.75in.SM Home Rectangle Bake Plate 10.75in.
SM Home Rectangle Bake Plate 9in.SM Home Rectangle Bake Plate 9in.
SM Home Square Bowl 8in.SM Home Square Bowl 8in.
SM Home Square Pan Plate 8in.SM Home Square Pan Plate 8in.
SM Home Rectangle Plate 8.75in.SM Home Rectangle Plate 8.75in.
SM Home Oval Bake Plate 13in.SM Home Oval Bake Plate 13in.
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Neoflam Steak Knife 4.5in.Neoflam Steak Knife 4.5in.
Neoflam Neoflam Steak Knife 4.5in.
₱263.80 ₱329.75
SM Home Rice Bowl 6in.SM Home Rice Bowl 6in.
SM Home Ramen Bowl 8in.SM Home Ramen Bowl 8in.
SM Home Ramen Bowl 6in.SM Home Ramen Bowl 6in.


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Create Exciting Mealtimes with Exceptional Dinnerware Sets

The perfect way to bond with family and friends is over a delicious meal. Food has a special way of bringing people together. Why not elevate every dining experience with this stunning collection of dinnerware sets from ShopSM?

Give your table setting a unique and creative twist. No dining table will be complete without these one-of-a-kind products from renowned brands like Corelle, SM Home, Tahanan by Kultura, and Melawares. Here are some creative tips to help you set your dining table for every occasion.

Go with basic white dinnerware for that subdued and classic elegance. Some people like it better understated. It’s fuss-free to arrange and undeniably timeless. When you go for simplicity, you can put the spotlight on where it should be—the food.

If you want to go all out once in a while, dinnerware with intricate accents or splashed with color will definitely do the trick. They’re also ideal to use when you want to flaunt your creative flair. Themed dinners are a great way to ramp up the excitement with family and friends.

From plates to utensils, you’re set to discover an array of items in-store! Plan your next dinner event today and don’t forget to drop by ShopSM, your ultimate online shopping destination for the best dinnerware sets in the Philippines.