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Dockers: Stylish and Sustainable Men’s Apparel

When it comes to men’s apparel that blends style and comfort, Dockers should be your go-to brand. They offer fashionable clothes for men ranging from khakis, chinos, tees, shorts, button-ups, and more for that casual California-inspired look. But more than that, Dockers also prides itself in practicing sustainability in the production of its clothing.

Founded in 1986 under the Levi Strauss & Co. company, it has since carried on with its values of sustainability and ensuring progress is present in everything they do.

Dockers make use of sustainable materials, such as cotton hemp and organic cotton, in the clothes they design. Cotton hemp needs less water and chemicals to maintain, allowing for a lesser detrimental impact on the environment. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides or other chemicals, which means cleaner water in the production process.

Aside from this, Dockers continues to innovate by employing methods that lessen the use of water and increase the usage of recycled materials. Through their Water<Less® method, they can produce clothes while saving a significant amount of water.

Dockers has also taken part in projects that support marginalized communities. Aside from saving water through the Water<Less® techniques, the brand has partnered with Waves For Water to help with various clean water projects worldwide. Dockers goes beyond clothing production and takes their commitment to sustainability outside and into the communities where it matters.

Casual, comfortable, and guilt-free. What could be better than that? Get fashionable clothes for men by Dockers at ShopSM!