Surplus Gulp Water Jug 2.6L  - CharcoalSurplus Gulp Water Jug 2.6L  - Charcoal
Hosh 6-piece Atlantis Water Goblet SetHosh 6-piece Atlantis Water Goblet Set
Omega Austen Glass Pitcher 1.8LOmega Austen Glass Pitcher 1.8L
Omega Azalea Glass Pitcher 1.8LOmega Azalea Glass Pitcher 1.8L
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Surplus Mason Jar With Lid And Straw 450mL- PinkSurplus Mason Jar With Lid And Straw 450mL- Pink

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Drinkware Sets Suitable for Every Taste

A great way to pass the time is organizing and redecorating your home. With this side project, you can practice your creative thinking and breathe new life into familiar and worn-down parts of your living space. Why not start with your kitchen? Since it gets the most traffic from everyone in the family, it's the best place to renovate first. Plus, it is considered the heart of the home so it’s high time to bring some love back to it.

Add a personal touch to your kitchen with these drinkware sets from ShopSM. Drinkware, however small it is, has a significant impact on the cohesiveness of your kitchen. Getting uniform glassware and drinking accessories is a brilliant way to tie up your design idea.

The right drinkware can also set the mood for your dinner events. It’s worth your money to invest in quality wine glasses, water goblets, and cocktail glasses for more formal occasions. On the other hand, when it comes to more casual gatherings such as brunches, basic and durable drinkware will suffice. They’re designed for everyday use and made to last for a long time.

You can check out this wide selection of drinkware brands featured at ShopSMRivers, Surplus Shop, Lock & Lock, Thermos, Urban Kitchen, Zojirushi, and more! Take your pick from a variety of eco-friendly coffee tumblers, cute mugs, and other drinkware items for every style and taste.