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Neoflam Fika Bunch Pan w/ Glass Lid - 29 cmNeoflam Fika Bunch Pan w/ Glass Lid - 29 cm
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Hosh Select Stainless Steel Induction Non-stick Fry Pan 28cm.Hosh Select Stainless Steel Induction Non-stick Fry Pan 28cm.
Masflex 12-Cup Muffin PanMasflex 12-Cup Muffin Pan
Masflex Cookie SheetMasflex Cookie Sheet
Masflex 24-Cup Muffin PanMasflex 24-Cup Muffin Pan
Masflex Bakeware Round Pie Pan 24.2cmMasflex Bakeware Round Pie Pan 24.2cm
Eurochef Mixing Bowl 26cmEurochef Mixing Bowl 26cm
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Eurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cmEurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cm
Eurochef 37009 Wooden Rolling Pin 43.5cmEurochef 37009 Wooden Rolling Pin 43.5cm
Masflex Deep Rectangular Roaster 42cmMasflex Deep Rectangular Roaster 42cm
Masflex Masterclass Fry Pan 28cm.Masflex Masterclass Fry Pan 28cm.
Eurochef Icing Tip SetEurochef Icing Tip Set
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Neoflam Stainless Steel Chopper Knife 6.5in. | ShopSMNeoflam Stainless Steel Chopper Knife 6.5in. | ShopSM
Hosh SU-ESTY-07 Slotted Spoon 30.5cmHosh SU-ESTY-07 Slotted Spoon 30.5cm
Klio Food Container SetKlio Food Container Set

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Kitchen Essentials: Appliances, Equipment, and Utensils

Many consider the kitchen to be the heart of every home. While not all feel this way, all can agree that it is certainly one of the most important rooms for every household.

Today, the kitchen has become more than a venue to prepare and cook hearty meals. If compared from several years back, an open-plan kitchen layout was not a thing. Many older house designs have deemed the room as somewhat of a service area. But now, the former utilitarian space has evolved to a thoughtful space where Filipino families today can spend time together.

Of course, modern kitchen designs have all made it possible to create this welcoming atmosphere. A lot of homes have adapted to this thinking, making the room multipurpose. Safe to say, kitchens are more than just an afterthought in the grand scheme of creating one’s dream home.

Along with this, it is no surprise that different brands of kitchen appliances (as well as kitchen utensils and other equipment) saw this opportunity to create a hearty space. They seamlessly helped people adjust happily to this kind of lifestyle through their quality products.

ShopSM has partnered up with trusted companies to easily help all homeowners create the kitchen of their dreams. Through its services, you can now have access to multiple kitchen appliances, utensils, and equipment brands online!