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Hyundai Home Appliances: Tailor-Fit for all Filipino Homes

Hyundai is a South Korean brand, famous worldwide as an established manufacturer of budget-friendly, quality, and reliable vehicles. As an effort to extend its market and reach, the company explored its ability to cater to homemakers with home appliances through Hyundai Electronics.

Hyundai Electronics now operates under Hyundai Corporation. The mother brand boasts 34 years of global experience and branched out to several industries such as heavy machinery, ship building, mining operations, and many more. With this in mind, it’s no surprise the brand decided to pursue consumer electronics.

The pandemic has greatly affected most Filipino homes. In fact, many households have become dependent on their home appliances. With Hyundai home appliances, there’s no need to worry about its durability and performance. Hyundai is promised to deliver only the best service!

Hyundai home appliances boast a variety of products all Filipino households can find useful. From induction cookers to rice cookers, coffee makers to electric kettles, you’re sure to benefit from its innovative and world-class appliance.Get what you need and more out of Hyundai. For a more convenient shopping experience, browse through ShopSM’s selection of Hyundai home appliances. Guaranteed authentic, skip out on the hassle of falling in line. Register now at ShopSM and enjoy multiple perks!