Kitchen Gadgets

Eurochef GE13 Heavy Duty Can OpenerEurochef GE13 Heavy Duty Can Opener
Gondol Stainless Steel GraterGondol Stainless Steel Grater
Save 33%
Oceanrich Rechargeable Coffee Grinder G1Oceanrich Rechargeable Coffee Grinder G1
Save 20%
Tasty Whisk with Scraper T-678031Tasty Whisk with Scraper T-678031
Tramontina Verano 6pc Utensil SetTramontina Verano 6pc Utensil Set
Neoflam Kitchen Shears 8in.Neoflam Kitchen Shears 8in.
Neoflam Beech Wood Solid TurnerNeoflam Beech Wood Solid Turner
Eurochef Taylor 388/SG-014 GraterEurochef Taylor 388/SG-014 Grater
Eurochef Taylor KU135 Can OpenerEurochef Taylor KU135 Can Opener
Neoflam Beech Wood Solid SpoonNeoflam Beech Wood Solid Spoon
Neoflam Stainless TongNeoflam Stainless Tong
Save 33%
Reusable Wheat Utensil Set - PinkReusable Wheat Utensil Set - Pink
Save 33%
Reusable Wheat Utensil Set - GreenReusable Wheat Utensil Set - Green
Save 33%
Reusable Wheat Utensil Set - CreamReusable Wheat Utensil Set - Cream
Neoflam Beech Wood Soup LadleNeoflam Beech Wood Soup Ladle
Eurochef Taylor PeelerEurochef Taylor Peeler
Eurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cmEurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cm


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