Kitchen Gadgets

Eurochef GE13 Heavy Duty Can OpenerEurochef GE13 Heavy Duty Can Opener
Eurochef Taylor KU135 Can OpenerEurochef Taylor KU135 Can Opener
Eurochef Taylor 388/SG-014 GraterEurochef Taylor 388/SG-014 Grater
Neoflam Beech Wood Solid TurnerNeoflam Beech Wood Solid Turner
Neoflam Kitchen Shears 8in.Neoflam Kitchen Shears 8in.
Neoflam Beech Wood Solid SpoonNeoflam Beech Wood Solid Spoon
Gondol Stainless Steel GraterGondol Stainless Steel Grater
Gondol Vegetable SpinnerGondol Vegetable Spinner
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Mellita 40-Pack Aroma Coffee Filter 0018 1x2Mellita 40-Pack Aroma Coffee Filter 0018 1x2
Neoflam Stainless TongNeoflam Stainless Tong
Eurochef Taylor PeelerEurochef Taylor Peeler
Eurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cmEurochef BBQ Brush 18.5cm
Neoflam Beech Wood Soup LadleNeoflam Beech Wood Soup Ladle
Hosh NU-NAIA-03 TurnerHosh NU-NAIA-03 Turner
Neoflam Beech Wood Spaghetti ForkNeoflam Beech Wood Spaghetti Fork
Hosh Cutting Board with Bacteguard - LargeHosh Cutting Board with Bacteguard - Large
Eurochef 37009 Wooden Rolling Pin 43.5cmEurochef 37009 Wooden Rolling Pin 43.5cm
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Reusable Wheat Utensil Set - GreenReusable Wheat Utensil Set - Green
Save 33%
Reusable Wheat Utensil Set - PinkReusable Wheat Utensil Set - Pink
Neoflam Beech Wood SkimmerNeoflam Beech Wood Skimmer
Gondol Bonny Strainer 2.5LGondol Bonny Strainer 2.5L

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