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Swimwear Brands To Check Out For Men

When it comes to swimwear for men, there are now more options made available. From basic and plain colors to more colorful designs and prints, dress to impress at the beach with brands that ShopSM is partnered with, like the Coco Republic and its unique style of swimwear options.

Have you seen Daniel Craig’s famous beach scene in the movie Skyfall? It’s memorable, all for good reasons. If you have seen it, then it’s no wonder you have opted out of the long and crazy printed board shorts.

But aside from this clip, many have been inspired to create a better swimwear design for men. Swimwear brands have all explored possible looks, all of which aimed for their designs to sport something shorter (about mid-thigh) and fitter. It allows a sharper and more fashionable look that many, including men, can agree to.

Still, fashion is all about preference. It’s always good to wear something you can feel confident in, instead of something others dictate to look good.

Get your hands on Coco Republic’s unique style of swimwear for men. From plain to printed, you can find a variety of their collection at ShopSM. 

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