Omni LED Lite Globe Lamp LLG95E27-12W-DLOmni LED Lite Globe Lamp LLG95E27-12W-DL
Save 39%
Omni LED Lite Bulb LLA72E27-15W-WWOmni LED Lite Bulb LLA72E27-15W-WW
Omni LED Lite Bulb LCF35E27-4W-DLOmni LED Lite Bulb LCF35E27-4W-DL
Omni Lite LED Circular Downlight 25WOmni Lite LED Circular Downlight 25W
Omni LED Flat Lamp LFE27-12W-DLOmni LED Flat Lamp LFE27-12W-DL
Omni LED Circular Lamp 10W
Omni Lite LED Circular Downlight 20WOmni Lite LED Circular Downlight 20W
Omni LED Oval Lamp 10W
Omni LED Oval Lamp 20W
Omni Lite LED Flood Lamp 10W
Save 33%
Omni LED Lite T8 Tubular Lamp 15W Cool DaylightOmni LED Lite T8 Tubular Lamp 15W Cool Daylight
Omni Lite LED Flood Lamp 20W
Omni 2-Gang Universal Outlet #P2-EUOmni 2-Gang Universal Outlet #P2-EU
Omni Wide Series 1-Way Switch WP0-S13Omni Wide Series 1-Way Switch WP0-S13
Omni Safety Breaker – RegularOmni Safety Breaker – Regular
Save 6%
Omni Heavy Duty Rubber Plug WHR-102-PKOmni Heavy Duty Rubber Plug WHR-102-PK
Save 6%
Omni Universal Outlet with Safety Shutter 10A WEU-202-PKOmni Universal Outlet with Safety Shutter 10A WEU-202-PK

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OMNI: Quality and Affordable Electrical & Lighting

“Kakampi mo ngayon at bukas,” a virtue upheld by OMNI, one of the Philippines’ most renowned brands in the electrical and lighting industry. The company promises to deliver quality and affordable products to countless Filipino homes.

OMNI Electrical and Lighting has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Exclusively manufactured by the Yatai International Corporation, the brand began with a vision to create locally produced lighting products at equal par with established global brands.

With an unwavering commitment to research and development, OMNI aligned its manufacturing practices with international standards and uncompromising quality control. Embracing sustainable development throughout its processes, they were able to come up with innovative lighting that’s eco-friendly, energy-saving, and most importantly, reasonably priced.

Over the years, their product line expanded from lighting to also include electrical fixtures and appliances. The brand continues to improve the daily lives of Filipinos with a variety of options.

ShopSM is your go-to site when it comes to buying OMNI products online. Featuring LED lamps and strip lights, extension cords, and power outlets, you’ll discover everything you need and more for your home in one place.

Replace your old lighting with a local alternative that’s energy-efficient, great for the environment, and made to last. Check out the brand’s best deals only at ShopSM!