Pure Beauty Urban Shield Clarifying Toner 130ml



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To rinse away all traces of dirt and pollution that a cleanser cannot do.

  • A powerful antioxidant of fermented pomegranate extract -penetrates, moisturizes and regulates skin tone

  • Comprises fermented Pomegranate extract, Urban Shield Complex, Swiss Radicare, Bulgarian Rose Water and certified organic ingredient

  • Strengthens skin barrier, revitalizes dull skin and reveals natural radiance

  • With Urban Shield Complex

  • Rejuvenating Phyto Placenta for effective anti-wrinkle action

  • IBR patented ingredients increases the skins defenses to protect from oxidative damage, anti-aging, and to nurture youthful skin

  • Galactomyces Fermented Filtrates(GFF) -natural skin barrier

  • The skin is left moist and clear, refreshed and free of impurities

  • Urban Shield Complex -helps protect the skin while strengthening its natural barrier
  • Organic floral extract leaves the skin supple and glowing

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