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TOMO: Making Life Simple

Filipinos have long been known for their great love of food, having 3 staple meals a day with snacks in between. The only downside is the rising trend of obesity and malnutrition in the country.

There are so many things you can do for your health, and one of them is paying attention to the food you eat. A healthy lifestyle begins with better choices in what you eat from day to day. It’s not an easy road to take, but the rewards, in the long run, are more valuable and beneficial.

With a goal to simplify life and give healthful alternatives to everyone, the SM Home appliances present TOMO, a fantastic lifestyle brand for all to enjoy. For those seeking to improve their health, try the brand’s air fryer!

More people are now making the good switch to air fryers from deep frying in oil. Compared to oil-fried dishes, air-fried food has less fat content and calories — more healthy yet with the same delicious taste. With the TOMO air fryer, one of the best air fryer brands in the Philippines, you get to enjoy the full flavors of your meal minus the guilt.

Smart decisions lead to good results. Choose ShopSM today to help you achieve a fitter and better lifestyle!