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Parisian Women's Ethel Crossbody BagParisian Women's Ethel Crossbody Bag
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Tropiko by Kultura Foldable Ethnic Print BagTropiko by Kultura Foldable Ethnic Print Bag

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Classic and Timeless Women’s Bag Brands in the Philippines

It’s nothing new that women love bags. For everyday, whether it’s for work, school, errands, and so on, it’s a must-have. Let’s face it! Women’s bags are necessary in a lady’s daily life. And with all the items and possessions they carry, it’s pretty normal for them to have one - even if it’s just a quick run to the store.

Believe it or not, there are several reasons why bags are so appealing for women. Take it as somewhat of a trusty companion; they need to have it with them at all times. They also put their essentials like wallet, keys, make-up, and others in it for convenience. Can you imagine them holding everything while outside?

Of course, when choosing a bag, most women pick according to trends, their fashion style, their needs, its quality or its capacity. There are also others who take into account a women’s bag’s brand, especially those locally made in the Philippines.

Truth be told, while there are many designer brands to choose from, women’s bags made in the Philippines are not bad. In fact, a lot of them are from reputable companies and of good quality.

At ShopSM, experience a shopping experience like no other. Buy from long-standing local women’s bag brands like Parisian, Secosana, and more, who are known for their affordable yet good quality bags.