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Tropiko by Kultura Ladies' Gold Hapao Earrings
Karutora Ladies' Pearl Dangling EarringsKarutora Ladies' Pearl Dangling Earrings
Khai Pearl Triple Pearls Jewelry SetKhai Pearl Triple Pearls Jewelry Set


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Luxury Jewelry for the Everyday Woman

Accessories can make or break an outfit. The art of accessorizing is an acquired skill that every woman should learn and hone to executing any look with finesse. If you take pride in your personal fashion, you must know that investing in luxury jewelry is a must.

Picking the right jewelry

So, how can you be certain that the accessory you’re paying for is worth your money? It all boils down to the luxury jewelry brand and product quality.

As with any investment, you want to ensure quality precedes everything else. Don’t settle for something that only looks good. For instance, you may be looking for a pearl accessory set. Spend time researching pearl grading so you can check a pearl’s nacre thickness, surface quality, and luster.

Made for the modern-day Filipina

Here at ShopSM, high-quality elegance is made affordable and accessible for the modern-day Filipina; sourcing and featuring the best local brands for inexpensive luxury jewelry. You don’t have to look anywhere else. Offered in-store is a plethora of accessory sets, necklaces, and earrings, ideal to wear on special occasions.

The featured online brands at ShopSM are known for quality and timeless sophistication. Guaranteed to enjoy their excellent products for many years, stay updated on the latest releases from Khai Pearl, Karutora, and Tropiko by Kultura. Exude effortless luxury with these jewelry brands. Shop now!