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Go Back To Basics With Women’s Tank Tops and Tees

What’s a girl’s wardrobe without a classic women’s tank top or a collection of t-shirts? Although often overlooked, these underrated pieces are the fundamental building blocks of a well-stocked arsenal of clothing.

The different variations of these basic tops are endless, and there’s always a perfect piece that matches any kind of person. For individuals who like to wear their hearts on their sleeves and speak their minds, simple statement tees would be the perfect way to express themselves.

For gals who are more into a no-fuss type of ensemble, plain tees are a go-to piece that easily lends to getting dressed up or down, no matter the affair. The right choice of subtle details, like ruffled hems, boat necklines, or contrast stitching, would instantly elevate an understated look with these delicate touches.

For the loud and proud fashionistas that have a flair for layering pieces, women’s tank tops are the perfect throw-on piece to add more texture to an outfit. A strategically placed tank top over a dress or a comfy sweater immediately adds another dimension to what was once a vanilla outfit. You can even play with the material of the tank top to add more value to the ‘fit—think a faux leather tank top over a buttery-smooth silk button-down, perhaps. The possibilities are endless.

All these chic options are yours to grab with ShopSM online. With a wide selection of items from the best brands, your wardrobe is in for a treat! Stock up on these versatile basics at the click of a button.