Mamy Poko Easy to Wear Diaper Pants Medium 36pcs

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Diapers that provide superior comfort and dryness even when your little one starts to move around.

  • Type: pants

  • Diaper size:  medium

  • Baby's weight: 6-11kg

  • Pieces per pack: 36

  • Triple ring support -prevents leakage around baby's waist and legs keeping baby cozy and active

  • 10 hours absorption -safe for all night use so baby is more comfortable sleeping

  • Soft cover like cotton -embraces baby's skin smoothly and softly just like mommy's arms

  • Super breathable -keeps baby's skin dry and rash-free for maximum comfort

  • Cuter design -comes in a joyful and colorful design

  • SKU: NCP-10055556

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