AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face 30ml



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Purely Natural & Hypoallergenic Anti-Aging Eye Cream

  • NATURAL: Over 91% of the product is made up of Natural ingredients selected through aesthetics-based skincare know for healthy beautiful skin
  • ULTRAFINE MICROEMULSION SYSTEM: Natural active ingredients stabilized through ultrafine microemulsion system allow faster, deeper and better absorption
  • CLINICALLY TESTED: Clinically proven anti-aging formula improves elasticity of dermis and provides facial lifting effect, retains moisture for up to 24 hours and mitigates skin aging
  • Contains oleanolic acid, rice extract and salvia miltiorrhiza root extract
  • Best consumed in 6 months to 1 year from opening date
  • When to toss: If the product starts to smell off and changes color
  • SKU Code: WSP-50009237

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