Sports Massage Gun in Black



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Sports Massage Gun in Black

Muscle recovery massage gun

A faster recovery means better athletic performance

Enhance and expedite muscle recovery with the therapy massage gun

Relieve muscle pains by breaking down knots and increase blood flow to your muscles

End Fatigue By Releasing And Ridding Your Body Of Lactic acid nd other toxins

Deliver Replenish Oxygen And Nutrients In Your Muscles For A Quicker Recovery

4 Massage Adapters To Target All Muscles 

6Variable Speeds Included With The Therapy Massage Gun Are 4 Massage Heads To Target All Muscle Groups. 

Bullet Adapter To Target A Specific Muscle

Fork Adapter To Indirectly Target And Work Around A Muscle

Ball Adapter To Target Large Muscles

Flat Adapter To Target Tense Muscles

Adjust The Intensity Of Your Massage According To Your Preference Of Frequency And Torque With 6Variable Speeds.

Ergonomic Light-Weight Design 

The Ergonomic Aluminum Metal Alloy Body Ensures That The Massage Gun Is Not Only Lightweight But Also Durable. 

The Cylinder Grip Is Soft And Easy On The Hands

But Also Firm To Ensure You Have Full Control Of The Frequency And Intensity Of Your Muscle Therapy


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