Pure Beauty Urban Shield Capsule Essence 30ml



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Enrich your skin's natural glow, by protecting it from the pollution of city life.

  • Lessens the effects of dirt and dust

  • Invigorates skin, giving a confident glow throughout the day

  • Reduces dark spots and brings out a natural shine

  • Specially formulated to make skin look more luminous

  • Pearlized capsule helps to diminish uneven skin tone and illuminates your skin, giving it a smoother, brighter look

  • Brightens: bark extracts enhance healthy skin

  • Preserves: Neuroligh, derived from certified natural Star Lily, decreases dark spots

  • Protects: Ceramide 123 strengthens skin barrier, shielding from harmful elements in the environment
  • Prevents: EPS White helps to reduce dark spots caused by exposure to pollution

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